Matthews Concert Band

May 14 Concert Program





Americans We                                                                  Henry Fillimore

                                                                                    edited by Frederick Fennell


 Four Scottish Dances                                         Malcolm Arnold, OP. 59

                                                                           arranged by John P. Paynter


I. , II., III., IV.

 October                                                                                  Eric Whitacre

Dustin King, Guest Conductor



Concerto for Clarinet (Rondo)                                                    W. A. Mozart

                                                                                edited by Donald McCathren

                                                                                       arranged by Dale Cast

                                           Katie Brown, Clarinet


A Tribute to Harry James                          arranged by Sammy Nestico


Ciribiribin              A. Pestalozza; Harry James and Jack Lawrence

The Mole                                          Harry James and Alvin Holmes

You Made Me Love You                                         James V. Monaco

Trumpet Blues and Cantabile        Harry James and Jack Matthias


Tony Woodfin and Greg Plough, Trumpet


Abba on Broadway                  B. Andersson, Ulvaeus, & S. Anderson             

                                                                        ed by Michael Brown  

 I Have a Dream; Mamma Mia; S.O.S; Knowing Me,  Knowing You; The Winner Takes It All; & Dancing  Queen                                                                                                      

 American Salute                                                                  Morton Gould

                                                                                  transcribed by Philip J. Lang