Matthews Concert Band

5/17/12 Concert Program

The Liberty Bell                                                                  John Philip Sousa

                                                                            arranged by Brion/Schissel



Lincolnshire Posy                                             Percy Aldridge Grainger

                                                  Edition Assembled by Frederick Fennell

1. “Lisbon” (Sailor’s Song)

2. “Horkstow Grange” (The Miser and his Man: a local tragedy)

4. “The Brisk Young Sailor” (who returned to wed his True Love)

5.  “Lord Melbourne” (War Song)

6.  “The Lost lady Found” (Dance Song)



Porgy and Bess                                                   Music by George Gershwin

                                                  Lyrics by DuBose Heyward and Ira Gershwin

Summertime; A Woman is a Sometime Thing; I Got Plenty o’Nuttin;

 Bess; You is My Woman; It Ain’t Necessarily So; Picnic Parade;

Oh Lawd; I’m on My Way



Armed Forces Salute                                                arranged by Bob Lowden

The Caisson Song; Semper Paratus; The Marine’s Hymn;

The U.S, Air Force; Anchors Aweigh



Big Band Bash                                                         arranged by Bob Lowden                                                                 

Artistry in Rhythm; Tuxedo Junction; Moonlight Serenade;

Take the ‘A’ Train; One O’Clock Jump



Hollywood Milestones                                             arranged by John Higgins

Theme from “Jaws”; “Where do I Begin (Love Theme)”;

“Star Trek-The Motion Picture”; “Raiders March”; “Chariots of Fire”;

 “Back to the Future”; “Theme from E.T. (The Extra-Terrestrial)”;

“Beauty And The Beast”; Theme From “Jurassic Park”;

“                          Forrest Gump-Main Title (Feather Theme)”; “Main Title-Apollo 13”